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Portal & Content Management

Portals & Content Management
Companies acquire a lot of data over a period of time and before they are aware about it, accessing and managing the content becomes a major challenge. If the knowledge assets are not organized and structured it would be difficult to access them when required.

The ability to access and impart content is critically important for any organization’s performance. TechMagica’s Portal and Content Management practice delivers solutions which enable a collaborative and integrated approach to creation, capture, organization and access of knowledge assets in an organization through the enterprise content portal. A comprehensive portal and content management solution framework helps in accessing the data with the right access management system.

Portals Expertise
Through TechMagica’s solution you can have complete control over your content and access information anywhere through our portal solutions which will help you to be agile and meet the market demands. We strive to provide innovative and user friendly portal and content management solutions that will help you in your business processes.

Our portal solutions adhere to the following principles:

  • Alignment to the business requirements
  • Application architecture standardization
  • Speed of access
  • User friendly
  • Well planned and executed change management


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